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Nothing will work with the boston audio amplifier except an original head unit - everything between the head unit and the amp is digital including the fader/volume/equaliser etc.

You can get the steering wheel controls to work with a suitable replacement head unit and something like this AXSWC module

You might think it's a lot of work to get the head unit replaced but it's remarkably easy, requiring only popping out the centre console and the panel under the steering wheel. There is plenty of room to work. There is also plenty of room to run new cabling to the boot of the vehicle in the factory wire tray that runs down the drivers side of the car. Mine doesn't have the rear screens but it did have the factory 8 speaker setup - I ended up replacing the rear 6x9 speakers and putting an aftermarket sub in my boot, the rear is powered by a 4 channel amp which is bridged to accommodate the sub.

Front speakers are powered by a smaller 2 channel amplifier. I didn't bother wiring up the dash speakers (yet), not sure whether I ever will as the sound, even with a modest single DIN sony head unit I had lying around is fine. Bottom line is: it seems daunting to replace the factory gear, but it's actually quite straightforward and there are plenty of facia/mounting kits to choose from to mount a modern double din apple carplay/android auto head unit if you want to go that way.
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