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Rhino Ramps

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Anyone use this on the 300C? It is rated at 8000 lbs capacity, 4000 each. I have a pair but have not tried it yet.

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^^^ Buy a roll of that rubber shelf liner like you use in your toolbox and place a sheet of it under each ramp... problem solved :wink1:
djjasond said:
So basically you're telling me to put the duct tape away?
Heck no man! Tape the rubber stuff to the bottom of the ramps... then put some decals on those babies too, they'll make you work faster so you can get back to drivin' again! :burnout:
speedmeister said:
They do have some small rubber footing but not at the bottom of the incline where you need it. I used it on a flat rough surface and did no have any problems. I have yet to use it on the 300c though. I don't have my volant yet.
I just used a jack & stands, but I'm little and it was easy for me to get under there.

**I just noticed our member numbers! :wave:
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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