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how big a tire?

K Hamlet said:
I am running 22"s. Dunlop 285/30/22 Super Sport 9000's on Bazo 22" x 8.5" rims.
The only difference I notice are when hitting rapid changing road heights such as an asphault patch. The tire leaves the road for a split second instead of the tire just absorbing the hit. So when in a long high speed curve the wheel twitches for a instant. Nothing scary but you do notice it. The rest of the time all you notice is the increase handling and increased looks. I have always had nice rides (an H2 just before this) but have never had this amount of interest in a vehicle.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions.
anyone know how big a tire i can safely and prudently use with stock 18" wheels? oem tire replacement is limited to one at i prefer high performance sticky tire, i will not use my C in snow or ice.
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