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ride quilty on 22 inch rims

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Hi there everyone I just sold my 20 inch wheels and was wondering how the car really rides the ride on the stocks isnt bad kinda floats and with the 20's it wasnt bad just more tight and sporty

but havent had 22's and now I have read some post and I am kinda worried about the ride being bad can anyone help LOL

please let me know if you have road in a 300 with 20's and then 22's

thanks alot you all have been a big help :D
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I love 22's

I love the looks of my 300 w/ 22's.. But i must say, you can feel the road alot more. I went from the stock cushy oem 18's to 22's and WOW!! :eek: what a difference. I can feel the small cracks on the road, little rocks and such. When it rains, the car would slide just a little (NOT alot) in the rears when turning.. Also, I noticed the brakes work a lilttle bit harder when stopping :D . If ride quality is your thing, then don't step up to the 22" bling.. ;) later...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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