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Risk with ebay 22"s?

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For the longest time, I had my heart on the 22" TIS 07's, then I realized that no one has them in stock, and ebay wants to get rid of 4 for 1800 without tires.. I bought a base model 300.. So i dont have the nice v8 to satisfy my crave for a little speed every now and then.. Knowing that I can buy an lt1 z28 for about the price of those rims + tires, I decided to just skip out and buy some ebay knock offs.

I found a set of 22s I liked, they claimed it fits a 300M, but I dont know if all the years are similar or what.. And im afraid of all this control arm mumbu jumbo, especially afraid of ebaying rims and they dont fit.

What they offer was 114.3x5, I didnt check any other measurements, but can anyone give me a set that wont rub the bolt?

From what I heard, 114.3x5 9 or 9.5 with 265/35/22 will fit without problems. Can anyone confirm this? I know TIS makes their wheels specifically to fit perfectly, which are 115x5 right? Anywho, before I purchase $1000 rims, I'd just like an idea.

Does anyone know how much a set of 4 265/35/22 would cost? And what company tires should I be looking at?

"22x9.5" with a 5X114.3"
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CohibaEsplinado said:
5 X 115 is our bolt patter. 5 X 114.3 is for the 300M
definitely wont work. it will vibrate like hell.
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