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Road noise??

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We down under have not been fortunate enough to drive a 300C in this country yet. Delivery is expected to be november. So what I would like to know is, how much road noise can you hear in the interior when driving with windows up? Has anyone gone the extra yard and made the car quieter and if so what product did you use and what areas did you apply it to? I have been in a few mercs and Lexus and find that is how quiet I would like my 300C to be.
Look forward to your replies

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Mine has no wind noise, no rattles, but those crappy continental tires make too much noise. The car is so fantastic it's a shame they put those tires on it; I've seen lots of posts here where people have changed them out for better ride and handling, but they are noisy too! My dad just got his 300C SRT8, with the goodyears (RS-A, not the F-1's) and even though they are far lower profile than the tires on my C , there's a LOT less tire noise in his SRT8. I can't throw the Conti's away right now but when it's time for new tires I'm getting Goodyears or Michelins. That's my ONLY complaint with this awesome car.
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