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Road Side Service

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Has anyone had to use the road side service yet and if so what where your experiences. I cancelled my CAA and was wondering if I should have both? :confused:
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Hi Hemilover. Haven't used it with the C, but have used it with other Chrysler products. Been very satisfied with it. Good response time.
Did you mean AAA

I had both and when needed, the police officer at the scene suggested I use AAA since his experience said I would wait 3-4 times as long with the Chrysler service. I just re-upped AAA.
You get what you pay for. This free service is mediocre at best. I called once for some gas on the 300M, right before my fuel pump died. They had some lock service bring 1, one, gallon of gas. The fuel pump was on it's way out and with 1/2 tank of fuel would act like it was out of gas. It couldn't overcome the gravity factor I guess. Anyways, one gallon was bareeeely enough to get it to start and make it to gas station at the next exit. I would have paid extra for 2 gallons. I was so mad.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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