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Road Trip

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Went to Florida for Christmas. Only saw one other 300 on the entire trip, a Cool Vanilla 300C that passed me westbound on I-10 near Pensacola (made me appreciate how good the 300 looks on the road) :) . I saw four Dodge Magnums. The C was a pleasure to drive and got 23+ MPG. I never even experienced any kickback on uneven surfaces that I had felt a few times before the trip. I like this car better now (6000 miles) than when I first got it. We actually got some sleet in Florida but not enough for me to check out the ESP.
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The kickback or bumpsteer appears to go away with some miles on the car. I have 6800 and don't notice it anymore.

I plan to drive to Mexico 3 weeks from now. I love this car on the open road.:)
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