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Hey guys, one of our Chargerforums member reported an issue with the GSM ESP mod and his July build car. He took it to them, and GSM told him his car had a "pursuit package" which made their mod NOT work right.

So we started investigating differences between his car and earlier build cars. I know about the Teves 25E that Resume mentioned, but that was in Aug, I thought, and the car in question was a July build.

The older cars have 6 hydraulic lines entering the top of the distribtution block, the newer car only has four. Im trying to get factual info about what this is and why.

I know factories generally just dont slap upgraded components on cars, so I dont think this car has anything all LX's dont have, past a certain build point. But I dont want to geuss.

Heres the photos.

May build

July build


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I wonder if it has anything to do with the cruse control . The other day I was out in the rain with the cruse control on when I hit a puddle that made the right front hydroplane. That also made the ESP kick in and the cruse control to shut off as if I hit the brakes. Just a thought so you don't have to engage the resume every time you hit a puddle.
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