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Yesterday I was in Gunnee IL while i was driving by the Mall.I know that's sad but that's not the point here. I see this 300 siting at the end of the row so i pull over and look at it. I had to cause i saw a differnt emblem on the front fenders. It was the normal looking sticker but under the 300 it said Sunny Side Edtion. :( Now if this is your car and your reading this im sorry to you but unless your getting a great deal on the car you should take that thing off there. A plate holder or a badge on the back is normal but a sticker on the fender calling it a speical edition that's just wrong. Unless the dealer is ordering something that a customer can't what makes it there speical addtion.
For that matter anyone of us could make sticker like that and call it our edition. hmmm made the Scarbrs edition. hahaha

Im just saying is all.

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