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I've seen a few notes on related remedies in the SRT8 forums (of all places) and figured it'd be best to pop the notes here, in Problems/Dealer Service, instead.

Last week I discovered my "SAT" tab un-selectable and later that night, completely missing from the Mode options, on my NAV display, leaving behind "CD", only.

I've read that some have swapped Driver modes 1 and 2, others have received a flash upgrade via a port near under the steering column and in the worst case, had the Sat receiver replaced.

So with all that in mind, I headed to the dealership for them to diagnose my particular problem this morning with thoughts of them tearing down the dashboard to dig behind the NAV unit - UGH!

A few hours later I got a call saying that it was fixed. After talking to a DC helpdesk rep, they simply pulled the Sat receiver out of its home (in the trunk area) and reinserted it?!

They did warn me, however, that if it happens again, it needs to be swapped out with a new Sat receiver. Luckily they won’t ever have to pull apart the dash.
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