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Happy Friday, fellow Spartans (300 joke),

I purchased my 2012 300 back in March. It is approaching 100,000 miles and I can feel that there is some play in the front end. So, I did what I always do: Research the symptoms online and then purchase parts from Rock Auto. So, I have new ball joints. I've read the procedure, I have the tools and a 60 ton press. I've replaced ball joints on probably a dozen vehicles ranging from sedans to SUVs. So I have no doubt that I could get this done.

But I really don't want to.

It's getting snowy, here in Michigan. And I do not have the type of garage you can actually pull a car into and work on it (it's more like a carriage house for a big lawn mower). So I'm considering biting the bullet and simply taking my car to a mechanic.

Now, as little as 5 years ago, such talk would have been heresy. But I know from experience that this job is going to take a solid day of swearing, banging, Liquid Wrench, bleeding and a torch. And the list of things I'd rather do with a free day is incredibly long.

So, without further adieu, here is my question:
  • To any of you who have replaced your ball joints, did you do the work yourself or did you take it to a mechanic?
  • If you did the job yourself, what pitfalls or cautionary tales might you share with me? Things you didn't anticipate but had to deal with.
  • If you took it to a mechanic, how much did it end up costing to have the work done?

Based on feedback to the above, I'll either put my big boy pants on, suck up the cold and go beat some steel...or I'll call the West Side Garage and cross my fingers that they actually do a decent job.


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