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Shift feels funny???

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I just got my 22's on and it feels like there is a hesitation in the shift from 1st to 2nd. It's just a little surging feeling like it's not sure if it wants to shift or not. It didn't do that before. Any Thoughts? :confused: Also how much clearance do you have between that nut and your tire. It is real close!!! No rubbing but when I saw it I was a little nervous!!!

Thanks for your help,

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Model 57 said:
How much clearance between that nut and your tire? Sorry just have to ask, "What nut?"
Look into either front wheel well above the tire - BIG NUT!
It moves up and down along with the spindle, so, unless the tire expands due to centrifigal force, what ever clearance was present when the wheel was installed should be there during operation.
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