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Shift feels funny???

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I just got my 22's on and it feels like there is a hesitation in the shift from 1st to 2nd. It's just a little surging feeling like it's not sure if it wants to shift or not. It didn't do that before. Any Thoughts? :confused: Also how much clearance do you have between that nut and your tire. It is real close!!! No rubbing but when I saw it I was a little nervous!!!

Thanks for your help,

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Thanks for the info

As for the nut question, there is a nut that sits right above and and to the inside of the tire actually on top. And for the shift issue I notice it at around 40 mph in light driving it is a surging feeling like it wants to shift but it's not sure. As for tire size I am running 265/35/22's. The ride is not as bad as I expected and definently improves the handling as the stock tires made you feel you were floating rather than hugging the road. My mesh grill with center bar should be here Wed. so I will post some pics then. All I have to say about rim size is if your going to put customs on go 22" it really agrees with this car.
My .02 worth


How do I post a pic???

I click the insert image button and it dosen't let me upload. I am really not that dumb. Help.

Here's the link to see my car. Only one pic but I'll more later.

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