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Hi all,
I think it's the same problem as but rather than reply to an old post i prefere post a new one. Also because there are some slight differences.
I bought the car in july and i bought the car from a man who couldn't seen the car even in paint !!!! He lost a lot of money with transmission problem since he bought it in 2009:
- (2011) converter failure which lead to transmission failure (front pump, clutches, etc..)
The converter was replaced and the trans was repaired and cleaned.
- ( 2012) oil transmission cooler failure some months after, i think related to the previous problem.
- (end 2013) Again transmission failure !!!
Decision was made to put a new transmission. It was done in march 2014. Since the guy doesn't drive a lot the car, he was affraid of another problem so he sold the car .. to me !

So i bought a car with 105 000 km on odometer and 1000 km on transmission !

After 15 days i had a first problem: one morning after some miles the car began to shudder and vibrate on moderate acceleration. No problem if i floored the pedal or in decelarration. Can't believe that it another transmission problem ..
The next day i went to home (i was 350 km away) and after some 80 km on small roads (with always the same shudders) i took the highway and floored the pedal (not too long because police .. but i drove at 180-190 kmh speed some km). After 200 km of highway seems thatt he problem disapeared. I took the car next day and no problem anyway... It was the 27th of july.

Since i made 2500 km w/o problem but friday the problem returned ! I was at entry of highway and when i accelerate moderatly i feel the shudders ... Since two days i've each time the shudders:
- only on 3 / 4 / 5th gear.
- not before 40-50 kmh
- never in 1 or 2nd, even if i gently accelerate up to 40 50 60 kmh
- same problem in sequential mode.
- only when i accelerate gently or moderate, never if i release the gas pedal or if i floored it.
I can see the tachometer fluctuate at each shudder.
The oil is clear and red. No burnt smell.

I can't understand why i've no problem during 4 months ! And the converter is new ... But i don't know if they change the oil filler tube and related parts.

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Anyone? Im having very similar problem with an all but new car.....36244 original miles. 2013 300c john varvatos edition 5.7L
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