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side door trim removal...

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I would like to remove the trim on the sides of my 06 srt8. Does anyone know if there are any holes that would need to be filled or how much of a pain in the a** this would be?
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Quality Body Shop..

Mr.DJ said:
I had my body/paint shop remove the side emblems for me
I decided to take my car to my body/paint shop...who had been so helpful in the past. I explained to the owner what I had just gone through, as well as what I now wanted to have done. He advised that it would not be a problem
they pulled my car back up front with the emblems removed and with no sign of that hazy film present anywhere...they even removed it from the rear decklid for me. Best of all, it didn't cost me a cent, plus they even gave me a free car! I guess I should've gone to them certainly would've saved me time, frustration, and a painful blister
. :fing02:
NOW..This is Service above and Beyond.
You need to at least post the name of this shop,
they deserve to be known,
and visited by others who want quality work.

This is Just My Humble Opinion. :wink1:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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