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side door trim removal...

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I would like to remove the trim on the sides of my 06 srt8. Does anyone know if there are any holes that would need to be filled or how much of a pain in the a** this would be?
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i want to do this also, but fear that there will be paint discoloration. i removed the badge from my trunk, and you can still see a 'foggy' outline of where the badge used to be. i hope i will not run into this problem with my door mouldings. seems like would be alot more noticable and costly to paint/repair.

i used goo-gone to remove some of the residue on my trunk, do you think that could have left a discoloration of the paint? ill post a pic so you can see what im talkin about if you wish.
thanks nevermore! so i guess goo gone dosent help our cars at all! im about to go out in the driveway right now and remove mine!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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