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SiriusXM Customer Service

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I did something today I thought I'd never do: cancel my SiriusXM service. First became acquainted with SiriusXM when I bought my 2015 Triumph Trophy SE motorcycle, offering a 3 month trial membership. Love the product and quickly learned NOT to pay full price, but renewing each year at the current 'promotional rate'. Streamed SiriusXM by bluetooth to my older vehicles at the time - win win! My 2019 Ranger Lariat was my first 4 wheel vehicle with built in SiriusXM capability, with my 2020 300s being my second 4 wheel vehicle so equipped.

One is forced to renew by phone or Chat if one wants the Promotional Rate renewal. Poor phone connections with people who could barely speak english were the norm. Sadly, at the conclusion of every phone call (often numerous times in a single session), I usually felt a bit of apprehension wondering if the transaction was actually concluded to my satisfaction.

Today, I made the mistake of using the chat function to accomplish what was necessary. I'm too embarrassed to state the amount of time wasted while I was being played for a fool. I ultimately cancelled the service and concluded the chat - no thanks, never again. I really don't want to deal with SiriusXM overseas customer service ever again. If they have a domestic stateside customer service, I will gladly phone them to restart my subscriptions. Not something I must have as I rarely drive anymore and listen to SiriusXM even less. My grandkids love it and I listen to the service on occasion. Like my home cable service: it's there although I rarely watch TV.

I do carry annual Sirius Guardian Service for 300 - will remain current.

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