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Snow Tires for the Stock Rims 300c 18"

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What is a good snow tire for the 300c rwd?

Looking at the Pirelli Winter 210 Sottozero but wondering how it would do on a steep snowy colorado driveway?

And feedback?

Does it matter if a tire is label for suv's (ie theBridgestone Blizzak DM-Z3)?
What effects would there be running this type of tire on the 300c?
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This is what I went with Snow tires/wheels
Yes, snow tires have come a long way, when I had a H2 and a CTS/with snows I prefered the caddy to the hummer even in the deep stuff. Congrats and glad you are pleased.

nmocean said:
I just put a set of bridgestone blizzak ws-50 235-55r18 on my 300c awd and i had snow and ice over night so i took the car out to see how good it is there were people stuck everywhere the car went up steep hills started out on the hills I even tried to spin the wheels from a dead stop it is was hard to do you really had to goose it and then it still hooked up. I was laughing at my neighbors in there bmw's and infinity's, acura's they were all stuck when i stopped and went around them. i bought them at the tire rack they wanted over 1000.00 local for them with shipping 588.72 and 30.00 for mount and balance :smoker:
I would think The Rack would know better than anyone here, I am very please with my 17's/snows on my C from them.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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