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Hi all! Long time no post.

I'm selling my HE I've had for the last 11 years. I'm in Central IN. Car has 104,491 at the moment. Asking $8200 OBO. Car comes with some extras as well like a 2nd set of wheels and a Diablosport Tuner among other things.

From a local show (2018)

Factory Repro. 20x9 wheels (2014)

OEM Wheels (2021)








I have more pictures at my website as well. Just PM me if you want to take a look. Thanks!

  • Heritage Edition badging inside and out. Badges match the 1957 Chrysler 300C
  • 5.7L Hemi V8 engine
  • Automatic High-Beam Assist
  • Navigation System
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • 6 Disc in-dash CD Changer w/MP3 support
  • Heated + Power front seats
  • Special SRT style Heritage Edition badged front seats
  • Power Windows and Locks
  • Power Sunroof
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Premium Boston Acoustics Speaker System
  • XM Antenna
  • HID 'Xenon' Headlights w/ 6000K bulbs
  • Headlight Cleaners

Mods are:
  • Custom cold air intake with K&N cone filter behind the fog light.
  • Diablosport ECU tune for Cold Air Induction and 93 octane fuel.
  • MDS Delete (via tune)
  • JBA cat-back exhaust system
  • LED Interior lights
  • Custom padded armrest in the center console.
  • Street Edge adjustible coilover suspension (1.5-2 inch lowered ride height).
  • Cross-drilled and slotted brake rotors.
  • EBC Red Stuff brake pads.
  • Braided Stainless Steel brake lines.
  • DOT 4 upgraded brake fluid.
  • 180 degree thermostat.
  • 20 inch SRT replica chrome plated wheels (stock wheels included).
  • Window tint. This was on the car when I got it. It's dark and it has no issues.
  • Stock 18" Heritage Edition wheels with Snow Tires (and OEM lugs).
  • DiabloSport Intune OBDII tuner.
  • Haynes Manual
  • All stock parts in my possession
Please note: These items are included with the price of the car. They are a package deal and are non-negotiable.

  • The driver's door hinge has lost the catch so does not hold itself open anymore. e:Fixed at dealer body shop.
  • e:There is a hairline crack in the windshield. It is currently being repaired at the dealership with a new OEM windshield. Fixed with new OEM glass.
  • There is a very small ding in the rear driver's side door.
  • There is a very small scrape in the chrome cladding under the driver's side headlight.
  • The spoiler has some flakes in the factory clear coat.
  • The rear passenger interior door trim has a few wrinkles.

  • Q: Why am I selling this car? A: I love this car, but I want something with more modern features as my daily driver.
  • Q: Is it reliable? A: Very. I've never had a breakdown with this car in eleven years.
  • Q: How was this car used? A: Since 2010, I have babied it and mostly driven to work and back. Typically 10 miles a day or so. It's been either covered in my driveway or in the garage 99% of the time.
  • Q: Can the mods be undone? A: Some can, yes. The tune, wheels, front block-off plates, can be put back on. The exhaust is welded in, so non-removable. The stock suspension is no longer in my possession, so it must stay, but can be replaced with stock parts later if needed by the new owner. Same for the intake.
  • Q: Can I get a mechanic to inspect it? A: Absolutely! I would welcome an independent opinion.
  • Q: Can I drive it? A: Definitely! Provided you have a valid license and aren't planning on breaking anything.
  • Q: Is it fast? A: It feels like a muscle car when you step on it. Particularly in 2nd gear. You will not have any issues merging into highway traffic.
  • Q: Has it been in any accidents? A: Not while I've owned it. Carfax is here.
  • Q: Is anything broken? A: Nothing is inoperable no. A few minor imperfections as noted above. Otherwise perfect!
  • Q: What is the title status? A: I have the title and it is titled in my name only.
  • Q: What is your asking price? A: I'm asking $8200 or best offer. This includes all extras such as a second set of wheels and (snow) tires as well as everything in the 'extras' section above.
  • Q: Where are the maintenance records? A: I do most of my own maintenance and record it in a spreadsheet. Some professional work has been also done as noted on the carfax and on the below maintenance record sheet.

Maintenance PerformedDateNotesMileage
Oil Change5/5/201210mm bolts for underside shield. 13mm bolt oil plug
Snow Tires11/23/2012Firestone Winterforce (appx 200 miles on them)69139
Oil Change10/20/20137 Qt 5w-20 - Filter M1-20474563
New Wheels and tires4/12/201420x9 on Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires (245/45/20)76565
LED Interior change5/1/201477000
Oil Change5/11/20147 Qt 5w-20 - Filter M1-20477114
Tune up5/24/201416 Spark plugs77280
Cold Air Intake6/28/2014True CAI - Filter inside bumper78350
HID Fog Lights6/28/2014H10 Bulbs and Ballasts78350
Cat back exhaust system8/15/201479250
180 degree thermostat9/13/201413mm housing bolts79575
Switched to snow tires / stock wheels10/30/2014Michelins / 20's in storage shed80150
Switched to summer tires / 20's4/21/2015Winter tires in shed81960
Oil Change5/1/20157 Qt 5w-20 - Filter M1-20481990
New coilover suspension7/22/2015StreetEdge Coilovers. 1.5" drop.82600
Drain coolant, flush and replace8/26/2015Zerex G05 Coolant82950
Switched to snow tires / stock wheels11/7/2015Michelins / 20's in bonus room84120
New brake rotors, pads, hoses, and fluid12/12/2015EBC Redstuff pads. Ate400 Fluid84438
Oil Change6/25/20157 Qt 5w-20 - Filter M1-20487000
Ball joints and torque struts8/25/2016Noise when cornering turned out to be something else. Parts were worn and needed replacing anyway.88250
Oil Change6/23/20177 Qt 5w-20 - Filter M1-20492988
Moog Sway bar bushings6/23/2017Moog bushings. Still clunking.92988
Moog Sway bar end links7/15/2017End links. Still clunking.93000
New alternator8/1/2017Replaced alternator and serp. Belt94500
New oil pressure sensor3/1/2018Replaced sensor with OEM part from dealer97000
New brake caliper and pads (right rear)4/1/2018Brake caliper fell off and wrecked wheel. Replaced bolt, caliper, and pads on that corner. Will do a brake job this summer.97500
Professional restoration of paint finish4/26/2018Resto shop fixed numerous issues with paint, headlights, dents, scratches, etc.98000
Professional repaint of front bumper cover.4/26/2018Resto shop fixed numerous issues with paint, headlights, dents, scratches, etc.98000
Oil Change5/28/20187 Qt 5w-20 - Filter M1-20498775
Rear Brake pads4/20/2019Replaced mismatched rear pads.101100
Parking brake shoes and hardware5/4/2019Had to remove bearing / hub assemblies as well.101190
Oil Change5/26/20196+ Qt 5w-20 - Filter M1-204A102140
Cooling fan assembly7/25/2019Replaced w/ aftermarket unit. Added ~1gal zerex g-05102686
Gear Oil Change12/16/20192Qt. Mobil 1 Synthetic 75W140103811
Oil Change7/3/20206+ Qt 5w-20 - Filter M1-204A104320
Air Filter (K&N Cone)7/3/2020Replaced 6 year old CAI filter104320
Professional repair of driver's seat upholstery4/30/2021Reupholstered part of the seat that had some cracks / wear.104415
Oil Change5/1/20216+ Qt 5w-20 - Filter M1-204A. New oil drain plug installed.104415
Replace Front Side Marker light bulbs5/1/2021Replaced both sides104415
Fix fog lights5/1/2021HID Ballast failed. Replaced HID system with factory H10 halogen bulbs.104415
Replace PCV Valve5/13/2021OEM replacement104425
I recently replaced the battery with a new AGM unit.

The tie rods were replaced in 2012 by Integrity Automotive in Carmel.

The airbag recalls were performed by Tom O'brien Chrysler in 2019.

All oil changes were done using full synthetic Mobil 1 5w-20 per the manual. Interval was every year or 6,000 miles.

I have probably forgotten to record a few smaller things. Particularly early on in my ownership from April 2010 to May 2012.

PM me for more details if you are interested. Thanks!
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