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What's up guys.
So I have a 07 300c. I've just recently been going through diff options in my head of what I want to do with it. I've only just plasti dipped the wheels just to give it a different look and see how I like black rims for it.
Mainly the headlights and maybe add a little paint to it.
I've been in love with halos forever and may get them but also want to be different and found a set I think I like. Just can't seem to find any pix of other 300s with them. as far as paint I also was lookin for something nice but not too flashy. I was almost thinking that paint stripe som new dodges have.
So was just lookin for feedback, maybe some ideas of where to look to find something I like. Im adding the pix of the headlights and paint so you see. image.jpg
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