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Some SRT8 photos from the SEMA show in Las Vegas

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I only just discovered this forum recently, otherwise I would have posted these photos several weeks ago.

Last month, at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, I had a chance to get up close and personal with a pre-production model of the upcoming 425 hp Chrysler 300C SRT8. It was located in the Mopar Alley tent. One of the benefits to owning a racing shop. :)

At first glance, the car looked like a normal 300C with very tasteful aftermarket 20" wheels. The chrome trim was almost entirely replaced with body color trim. In silver, this didn't make a huge difference. A black SRT8, if it is offered, will look very different. The tail pipes were slightly larger and a small spoiler nicely frames the back of the car. A small badge is the biggest hint, from behind, that the car in front of you is something special.

I was impressed with the bolstering on the SRT8's seats. The seats look amazing and I'm hoping to add them to my "ordinary" 300C or else replace the whole darned car with an SRT8!

The engine bay was also impressive, with large intake runners dominating the compartment instead of being hidden underneath plastic covers.

The factory Brembos were unpainted, but a Chrysler engineer told me they would probably get a coat of silver paint before hitting the showroom floor. He also hinted that an SRT8 version of the Magnum RT might be produced and it would have red painted calipers. I learned that the front steering knuckles are unique to the SRT8, so any Brembo or StopTech aftermarket big brake kit designed for the normal 300C will not bolt on to this car. It will have to be measured and an SRT8-specific brake kit designed.



A small brochure for the SRT8 was available and I grabbed a couple for the historical file. On one side, it shows a dramatic photo of the car and on the other, it lists some of the car's impressive specifications.

I was told to expect final pricing to be announced in a couple of weeks. And it was hinted that Chrysler is still on schedule for a February release of the SRT8. That seems to run counter to what some of you have heard in more recent weeks. I can't wait!! I want one now.
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I think the block is supposed to be painted orange .... like older hemi's were .... something along those lines ...

This is all great to hear ... and great pics too ....

I'll take a silver one!
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