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New to the sight. Sadly o believe i have gone completely insane at this point. Only had mine about 9 months six of which it was wrecked.... Now this. Hopefully one of you kick A$$ 300 experts will have some insight. My apologies in advance for the lengthy post. Just trying to relay all the info i can!!
My issue is a weird one i will give as much background as possible. Desperate for answers before its broken into again!!!

I have a 2005 300c 5.7L V8 RWD. The aftermarket stereo was recently stolen while on vacation. When they took the headunit they also took the entire center Trim/Bezel. Along with my climate control panel, hazard & TC buttons & clock still attached. For whatever reason every plug was left intact except the climate controls. They cut the wiring harness to controls on the car side of the connection. Thus leaving me a mess of exposed wires to deal with. I went to a local u-pull and found a replacement panel along with all equipment as well as with plugs and pigtail ends of the wires that had been cut.
I went through and matched and rewired everything thoroughly. Controls work great!
However their are quite a few issues now...
y radio does not shut off with the car.
-Key fob no longer locks/unlocks, sets alarm, or pops trunk.
-Interior lights only come on when key is in on/run position.
-Electronic lock buttons on front door panels only unlock door when key is in on/run position. (They will only Lock&Unlock them when the vehicle is fully running.)
-Accessory position for key provides no power.
alf of my center panels lights have gone out. Can only see half of the climate control panel and the clock back light seems very very dim..
(Not sure if this is related, just thought id include it in the s*!÷ list)

The vehicle is equiped with the auto temp control panel (2 plugs on back)

What could issue be?
I have no idea where to begin to solve this problem so any advice would be helpful.
Thank you in advance!!!
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