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Another great event from Steve!

Hey everyone!!! Well I am proud to announce our first Moble Dyno Day in Southern Maryland!!! Yes - MOBILE DYNO!! On Saturday October 11th we will have a Dyno on site at Prince Frederick Dodge in Southern Maryland!!!!

At this time we will be offering you a chance to see what your car pulls for $50 for three Pulls!!! Yes $50!! The Dyno will be on site site for 8 hours during our DYNO Meet and Greet. Our plan is to lower the price on three pulls to as low as $30 if we get enough folks to sign up. So stay tuned and get that rig of your ready to do some DYNO PULLS!! Let me know if you want to do a pull and we'll lower the price!! We hope to do 3 or 4 pulls an hour, so let me know your interest and we'll roll out the reservation information!

This new event will be huge and stay tuned. As usual we will have free FOOD!! Also we will have a BEST IN SHOW Contest, one class, with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.

We also plan to offer extremely discounted Diablo CMR Tunes for those of you who want to dial in. We have DTP Performance from Virginia willing to do the CMR tunes. These guys are awesome and well versed with tuning our cars. If I get enough interest from you all we will plan a few CMR tunes at the end of Saturday and do CMR Tuning the next day!!! Please give me feedback. These guys can tune man, they did my car and its SICK!!! I mean FAST!!! I mean out of CONTROL FAST!! Let me know, sign up!!!

While the Dyno Is running we will have a MOD CORNER for you all to attend that will be assembled soon, please check back for the agenda.

As usual we will have the 50/50 raffle, door prizes, free food and specail announcements to be posted soon.

Let me know if you want to do PULLs or CMR Tunes!!!!!!
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