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Spare tire

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The spare tire is a temporal spare; (I think), but is there room for the full sized spare tire? Still waiting on order, and it's easier to ask here than to bother the dealers.
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I just looked in the trunk of my SRT8. Where's the spare? What do I do if I get a flat? The place where the spare tire should go fits a kleenex box! I wondered what "spare tire deleted" meant. :mad:

Still looking for my spare. Haven't found it yet. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place...humm.

Bernie know what they say when you answer your own questions dont you....

EDIT: want to hear something wife just happend to be looking at what i was posting..she said why doesnt anybody tell him they dont come with a spare...lmaoooo.. had to tell you
No I don't know what they say. Maybe they say I'm nuts. I know I feel nuts every morning. Hell sometimes throughout the day, depending on how nuts I feel, it feels kinda good....haha.

Hey, it's true! I just checked and I felt nuts!!! Try feeling nuts when you're looking for your spare. This is nuts cuz I still can't find it...haha.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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