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I'm not a great writer, this is just a write up I'm doing for myself really, and I'm sharing this out of mostly boredom. It'll be a long, possibly boring read, filled with random thoughts and rants I've had throughout the driving parts of the trip, so read it, or don't.

I decided to drive from Michigan Tech to Purdue to visit a few high school friends last week, it was definitely an eventful and fun trip, but I'll mainly focus on my C here. though she gave me some troubles during the trip, it was still more fun than I could've ever hoped.

I was supposed to leave on saturday, but due to a broken tie rod and a missing wheel weight, I left on tuesday instead, oh well, it's better not getting stuck behind dozens of college kids and their obnoxious straight piped trucks anyways. During this time, I stumbled upon the BMW UltimateDrive app for my iPhone, fun was had because of it, plus it's free, so really every motor enthusiast should have it installed in their phones.

Even though everything was fixed when I left on Tuesday, there were still some slight vibrations that seems to show up above 60mph, but it's not too bad considering she's done 91,000mi already, I'll just figure out what's wrong with her another day. Since I've driven through most known "fun roads" around the U.P, it was a great time to see what other states has to offer. First up was WI, and I was just excited to finally see roads not covered by snow. Trying to stay close to the main highway, I settled on Kettle Moraine State Forest, just west of Sheboygan; it might not look as good in winter, but there's enough forests in the U.P. anyways. I got on one of the scenic drives, and soon found the nicest bends I've seen outside of racetracks; they had everything from long straights to sweeping turns to tight twists next to glaciers. The C is obviously too large and heavy for these tight bends, but it was great fun tossing her around with weight transfer nonetheless, thanks to months of driving on snow; there were no traffic either, so i could use both lanes to hit the apexes. The cold temperature was perfect too, CAI was actually sucking in cold air, the slotted brakes never faded, and the Michelin snows were gripping amazingly on tarmac. Though most trees were still covered in snow, the scenery was indeed amazing; on one side there was the almost eerie white forst, on another side there's herds of horses getting intrigued by a loud purple box of a car going by. I hope the roads will be a lot smoother after spring though, there were cracks and bumps everywhere, if she wasn't riding on stock I probably could've done some serious damage.

2hrs later, I left the forest very satisfied, refreshed, and ready to continue the trip. Strangely the car felt much smoother when I got back on the highway, maybe she's not falling apart yet after all?
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