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Guys the push is on and stuff will begin shipping to Cali tomorrow for next weeks big Fest.

For those who will not be going I wanted to give you all the schedule at the shop.

Please be assured that all PM's and emails will be addressed. It may take 24-48 hours, but we will get to it as the lap top will be with us. I like to turn in early as others party so when I get back to the room each night I will see what we can do for you.

The shop will be open, but as you know we have a small staff. Myself, Dan, and my dad Pete will be with be going as well as my better half Ken.

Neal will be doing his best to answer the phone for you, but please if you get the machine go to X-12 ASAP to leave a message.

Orders will still be filled and stuff will still be shipping guys. We appreciate your patience with us. It is because of you guys that we are able to come out to the Spring Fest and see our friends again.

We all will be here up until Wednesday of next week. We leave Thursday and will return the following Tuesday the 18th
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