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SRT-8 Brake lines?

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Does anyone know what the flexible brake lines running to the calipers on the SRT-8's are made of? Are they rubber or Stainless Steel? I had a race driver from Skip Barber tell me these are some of the best brakes they have seen. She said she pushed the car hard for four hours around a track and they didn't fade. Sounds like they may already have SS lines, but if not I may add them. I live in a high traffic area with lots of bad drivers, makes for a lot of emergency stops. You can increase your braking distance, but then someone cuts you off. Which means another emergency stop. I suspect the brake boosters are pretty powerful to feed these massive calipers. Higher line pressure will soon take its toll on rubber lines. Which may cause them to stretch over time.

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Stoptech basically told me that Stainless lines do little for a car that already has decent brakes (not in reference to an SRT8, but in general).
SS lines can weaken over time too, which is why that many SS lines are not DOT approved (since they use SS they used sub standard rubber within the SS so unless you replaced them every year you were taking a chance). Good rubber lines can last a long time. The ones on my 20 year old car are original and they show no bulging under pressure or anything like that.
VVV, I should have said "which is why it used to be that many SS lines are not DOT approved." 5 years ago or so, it was hard to find DOT approved lines, it seems that it has become common now though, youre right. As far as every year on the non-DOT approved ones, well that's what the racers do with them, and they tell me not to would be a safety hazard even on a road car. I'm not trying to say that SS lines are worse, but that one shouldn't assume they are better just because they are SS. I.E. don't buy cheap SS lines to replace good rubber lines.
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