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SRT-8 Brembo brake kit

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Just wondered, since the SRT-8 brakes will have parts numbers , will we eventually be able to order the whole kit through our DC Parts counter?

the reason I ask is since the Wildwood setups are quite expensive is there a chance that the Brembo SRT-8 package will be more affordable?

Just a thought.
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SRT8 & 300c brakes

Rambit said:
I have to admit I know absolutly nothing about brakes other than hopefully they're supposed to stop you when necessary. I have a few questions however. On the Chrysler SRT site under handling, they state:

SRT6 Crossfire 60-0 mph is 115'
300C SRT8 60-0 mph is 110'

On the Dodge site:

Viper 60-0 mph is 97'
Ram SRT10 60-0 mph is 118'
SRT4 60-0 mph is 118'

I couldn't find anything for the 5.7L 300C stopping distance, but it seems to me that the Crossfire and the SRT4 should have a lower number than the 300C SRT8 given that they are lighter. Either that or the 300C SRT8's brakes are far superior to their braking systems. Are there any 60-0 stopping distances available for the 5.7L 300C?

Your last statement is correct, despite extra weight SRT8 brakes overall superior to SRT6 and SRT4, grippier tires and road surface type & condition play a factor too at the outer limits of braking. Sticky tires can stave off ABS intrusion into the stop, giving max stopping grip, and shorter distances.

60-0 300c
Motor Trend 122' Road & Track 126'

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