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SRT-8 - Winter Wheels and Winter Tires

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I've got the 3 season wheels and tires with the Goodyear F1's. Great tires for handling and road adhesion, but pretty useless, according to reports, in the minus 20 to minus 40 weather that we get up here in Canada for far too many months a year. I commute a long-distance and need a reliable ride and cannot afford two reliable rides, so the SRT-8 will do 4 season duty.

Has anyone found replacement 20" wheels or steelies for the SRT-8 that clear those enormous Brembo brakes, and/or ice tires to fit 245/45 20s?

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If you go to tire rack, it looks like they have 5 18" wheels that fit, as well as 4 19" wheels that fit .... (ASA and Borbet)

They use the Pirelli Scorpions or the Dunlop Grandtrek M2's .... in a 235/60/18 size ...

You have to go to "winter tires" choose our car, then look at the 18 and 19" options ...

Phew, looks like I can get a decent winter tire on the car .... as it will be driven in the snow .....
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