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I'm looking to change my existing 22" aftermarket wheels for some stock SRT8 20" wheels on a 5.7 (Australian) wagon
I like the look of the 22s but I must admit they ride a bit harsher than I like Also I live in the country and do quite a lot of highway travel on pretty ordinary Australian roads (around town they are pretty smooth)
I know I'm going to need 3mm spacers to compensate for the different offset
For rubber I want to go 245/45/20 (front) 275/40/20 (rear) and I can see from reading this forum that this is a popular set-up
I'm wondering if the spacers will affect this combination in any way? I know it is going to sit the wheels out 3mm further and I realise this isn't much, but I thought I'd better ask the question before outlaying $ on tyres
Thanks in advance ::smile::
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