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SRT500 Dyno Update: 446 rwhp & 427 rw tq

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SRT500 Dyno Update: 446 rwhp & 437 rw tq

The latest mods are the Magnaflow and our ram air kit. the magnaflow had to make all of the 8 rw hp we gained. the ram air just wont show any gains while the car is sitting still.

Will post a dyno graph later on today.
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John Hennessey said:
Our test car has a set of 1.75 in. Dynatech headers on it. They did not to gain any peak power when we installed them. But they may be working a bit better now with the Magnaflow exhaust on the car. Also the test car does not have cats on it.
Just a reminder: I have seen the engineering comparison between the headers designed for the 5.7L hemi and the exhaust ports on the 6.1L. Those headers shroud about 10% of the exhaust ports. The new version will not shroud any of the exhaust port. That may account for a significant difference, but we'll have to wait a few weeks for definitive results. My car is being used for measurements this week, and I believe the holdup will be tooling.
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