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SRT500 Dyno Update: 446 rwhp & 427 rw tq

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SRT500 Dyno Update: 446 rwhp & 437 rw tq

The latest mods are the Magnaflow and our ram air kit. the magnaflow had to make all of the 8 rw hp we gained. the ram air just wont show any gains while the car is sitting still.

Will post a dyno graph later on today.
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Correction - the numbers are:

446 rw hp sae corrected
437.7 rw torque sae corrected

this account for a gain over the stock baseline of:

83 rw hp
75 rw torque

track testing this week if it does not rain.


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jconnolly1119 said: that with any kind of headers and cats or just the cat-back and new intake (and headwork of course)
our SRT500 package includes:

Polished Ram Air Induction System
Magnaflow Dual Stainless Steel Exhaust Upgrade
Upgraded Pushrods
Ported / Polished Cylinder Heads with upgraded valves, valve springs, valve guides, retainers and race valve-job
Ported Factory Exhaust Manifolds
All necessary gaskets & fluids
Professional installation
Chassis dyno & Road testing (up to 100 miles)
Limited 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty
SRT500 Exterior Badges
SRT500 Premium Floor Mats
SRT500 Valve Covers
Limited Edition Interior Dash Plaque with Serial Number
Limited Edition Engine Plaque with Serial Number and Power Ratings

Our test car has a set of 1.75 in. Dynatech headers on it. They did not to gain any peak power when we installed them. But they may be working a bit better now with the Magnaflow exhaust on the car. Also the test car does not have cats on it. We rate our SRT500 kit to make at least 435 rw hp. Obviously, this particular car with the headers and no cats makes a bit more than that.
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JMatt said:
Just a reminder: I have seen the engineering comparison between the headers designed for the 5.7L hemi and the exhaust ports on the 6.1L. Those headers shroud about 10% of the exhaust ports. The new version will not shroud any of the exhaust port. That may account for a significant difference, but we'll have to wait a few weeks for definitive results. My car is being used for measurements this week, and I believe the holdup will be tooling.
i agree. we will be testing a dedicated 6.1 header soon.
fyi - we are building 3 SRT550's (2 300's and 1 Mag) and 2 SRT500's (both Magnums) right now. so we will have a lot more dyno and track data coming soon.
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