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SRT8 6.1 Headers

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Hi Guys,

GS Motorsports has been working on the 6.1 as everyone knows, now we have Teamed up with a Premier MFG for an excluslive production piece on the 6.1 Big Tube Headers

These are Long tube all stainless Headers with cerma chrome coating.
They feature a 1.7/8" primary tube for the Supercharged cars and we also have a 1.3/4" primary tube for the naturaly aspriated 6.1 Packages.

These headers feature equal length tubing and a 3" collector

We will have more info posted and dyno sheets saturday.

On a side note the port difference on the 6.1 is dramaticaly different so just bolting on a 5.7 header will not be a option on the 6.1 packages from GSM

See attached

Scott Quaranta
GS Motorsports


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GSM said:
The 6.1 SRT Headers will be shipping with a special version of 3" mid pipes with Metallic hi flow cats that will connect to the magna flow exhaust

We will also be puttting together an install manual this week on the install and they will be up on our site for purchase

Scott Quaranta
GS Motorsports

So you're saying it will be a "Complete Header back system?"

Headers, 3" cats, 3" pipes, 3" mufflers, 3 or 4" tips?

What's the price please?

With an install manual I will take care of this myself definitely!
GSM said:
The Ceramic coating is an option and is well worth the money on the LX platform, the under hood temps will benifit from the coating.

GS Motorsports


Don't chince out, get the coating.
WhiteDiamond said:

Pricing please?? Are these the Kooks Headers? If so, are you going to be the exclusive dealer for them?


Kooks? I've never heard of those for the Hemi. I know GSM offers the Supermaxx ones with 2.75" Cats on their website. I was assuming and hoping these were the ones.
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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