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SRT8 6.1 Headers

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Hi Guys,

GS Motorsports has been working on the 6.1 as everyone knows, now we have Teamed up with a Premier MFG for an excluslive production piece on the 6.1 Big Tube Headers

These are Long tube all stainless Headers with cerma chrome coating.
They feature a 1.7/8" primary tube for the Supercharged cars and we also have a 1.3/4" primary tube for the naturaly aspriated 6.1 Packages.

These headers feature equal length tubing and a 3" collector

We will have more info posted and dyno sheets saturday.

On a side note the port difference on the 6.1 is dramaticaly different so just bolting on a 5.7 header will not be a option on the 6.1 packages from GSM

See attached

Scott Quaranta
GS Motorsports


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dam dude like every thing else you do it look bad ass
hay scott cant wait to get to gsm again i well see you tuesday after noon have a cold one ready for me and have the srt8 waiting for me lol
hay richard i will be in town next week might have to stop buy
jk i hopefully i will be in town tommorow thru saterday
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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