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Srt8 Egr?

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Can one of you SRT owners tell me if the 6.1 has a EGR valve and where it is located? I don't see anything in the '05 service manual but that means little.

Since most likely I'm going to have to do a rebuild/over-haul I'm thinking of getting a 6.1 and dropping it in place of the 5.7. But I'd like to know if there is a EGR and where it is.

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Its dark out right now, I'll take a look in the AM. Isn't it usually on the firewall?

I'm sure it does have one, with the tight emissions control nowadays.
Well, I looked and I couldn't see it. It should come up from the exhaust, to the valve, and then to the intake, correct? I'm having a hard time seeing all the areas, but if it was in front of me I think I would know it.

WhiteDiamond said:
There has been a trend for the last several years now of removing the EGR system. Cam event timing has helped out a lot with this. I can't find an EGR system on our 6.1L so I am guessing it doesn't have one.

Perhaps, I'm not familiar with many of the newer vehicles, I just kinda assumed it would.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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