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SRT8 Ram Air Induction System

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We have developed a Ram Air Induction System for the SRT8. Its a pretty simple design. Most of what you have seen to this point for the 5.7 and 6.1 air induction kits are just tubes connected to the throttle body that connect to an air filter over in the corner of the engine compartment with a free flowing open element filter and in some cases a shroud to seperate hot air from the filter. the mopar kit is a good example. and kits like the mopar work fine and are a performance benefit in my opinion.

we originally made a similar system and the thing that bothered me about it was know that no matter how well we tried to build a shroud to keep hot air out of the filter, that some was going to get in it.

so we extended our 3 in. mandrel bent tubing going a bit further running it down the the large opening where fresh air comes into the stock airbox. which this is an excellent design from srt. and we put our k&n filter down in this area which is in between the fender and front bumper. now when the car is moving this area pressurizes with fresh air. and thus we feel that this pressurized air will offer the coolest air possible to the motor. and rather than the motor having to suck in 100% of the air, it will benefit from having to breathe air that will have some small effect of possitive pressure as the car builds speed - ie ram air.

ok - so thats what it is. now what does it do? well we plan to do quite a bit of testing this week to have some real world comparisons. the dyno will not likely show any gains as it is a measure of power under a static state. the only way to show what this kit will do are going to be while the car is rolling. we have a VBOX data recording system that will allow us to go out and run 0-150 mph and see what the differences are in performance. the gains may be nil or they could be several tenths. anyway, we want to know what the true gains are so as we get data we will pass it along to you.

the kit will initially be available in polished stainless steel. production kits will be available in the next 30 days. we will also offer our ram air kit in carbon fiber at some point as well if we can keep the price down.

anyway, we will update you on performance as we get data this week.

right now the kit is not polished and we are building a second kit to get polished. so as soon as we have some pretty pics of the product i will post them. thanks.
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Johnny Vig said:
Sounds great so far, my only question is, will there be any issue with possible sucking in any water into the system? This would be a major concern for me and most others. Thanks.
i will guess that the bottom of the filter will be around 16 in. from the ground. so i think you will be fine as long as you dont risk driving through any water that is up to your door sill.
jconnolly1119 said:
I can't wait to see what this will do, as far as numbers go. I know most folks have said that the Mopar gains 5-8 hp, while others have reported no gain at all. DUBair has developed what looks like a polished version of the Mopar unit, made with better parts and they ( or the seller on ebay ) claims a verifiable dyno of 27hp(21-23rwhp) for the dyno for the 6.1. Evidently Jetchip did the dyno, but the funny thing is no-one can seem to find conveinient! Sounds like BS to me. I'd be happy with 10hp to be honest.......can't wait to see what yours wiil do.

BTW: is it going to look like the one you had posted when you were developing the SRT500???? That one looked really cool.
its the same tube coming from the throttle body. but now instead of connecting to the filter, it connects to another tube that turns down and goes to the large opening that is under the stock airbox. the filter fits under there where you cant see it. so the appearance will be a big polished tube going to the fender. it will have decend bling but more importantly hopefully give you a bit more bling under your right foot once rolling.
i think 5 rw hp is about all anybody with a 6.1 is going to see with any free flowing air induction system. hood up, hood down, all that does not mean crap while sitting still on the dyno. the real performance for any air induction system will be when the car is moving.

fyi - for every 10 deg change in inlet air temp you can see a 1% change in power. thus the importance of keeping hot air out of your intake tract.
krisbenson said:
Do you have any photo's of your kit, either pre-production or otherwise?
the test part is on the car now and could be photo'd. but i would rather wait a few days and put up pics of the polished part that is production representative. i want the first impression to be a good one. :wink1:
if you take off your stock airbox you will see a hole directly under it where fresh air goes into the stock airbox. that is the hole where we put the filter. this area was designed to give cooler, pressurized air to the stock air induction system. pics coming in a few days.
vvv90 said:
Can't wait for pricing details....I'm hoping you will be comparable to Mopar, Volant, etc...
right now our target price to eveveryone is $350 plus shipping. we make about 100 bucks on that. the carbon fiber will likely be more. wont make any excuses for the price. just want to make the best performing part possible.
300CUL8R said:
Any updates on this????
the pipes come back from the polisher tomorrow. hopefully we will have some pics up as soon as we get them. will begin some accel testing on a stock 300 srt8 with this kit. 0-120 mph before and after or something long those lines.
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