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SRT8 red line question

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Just got 300 C SRT8 last week. Driving slowly for 300 miles as recomended. Howver at about 250 miles, I inadvertantly left it in first gear and reved engine pretty hard, mabe 50 mph, not sure if tach red lined, but believe it red lined or got close for about 1 -2 seconds.
No obvious problems, but I am not a mechanic. Did this over rev during late break in do harm that will not be immediately apparent? Hurt oveall engine life or performance? Again, nothing noticable, but wondering what are the effects if I went past the red line?

Appreciate feedback from those knowledgable about reaching red line before break in period was truly completed. Is there a rev limiter on this model to prevent over revs?


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My race car engine builder/mechanic friend tells me that with newer engines the machining process has improved so much that you don't have to be nearly as careful during break in as before and that even driving like a madman from day 1 probably won't do much harm (he also noted that on the race cars he just runs them for a couple minutes to warm them up and that is the extent of break-in). I guess this is evidenced by my car (1985) says 2000 miles, the next car (1994) said 1000 miles, the next (1998) said 500, and now we have 300.
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