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Unfortunately, I am sicker than a dog and this is the weekend my wife planned to pick up a few items for the house. The items are in decent sized boxes, but they have to total around 500lbs. I got them all in the Wagon easily and most of them sat at the rear axle line or aft of it. I put my 240lb frame in there and my wife climbed in(nice and petite, no weight guys as she will put placebos in my medication). The road home is fairly wide open(170 approaching I-35W) and as you get to the last 3 miles of it, it has some gentle dips in the road. Now they are gentle, but they have the ability to bottom you out in some cars due to the speed I usually take through there. The suspension on this wagon is incredible. Firm and quickly dampened any addtional movement. The more I test the SRT8 Wagon out, the more I absolutely love this thing. Our truck with that much weight in the back had much more motion when stock suspension(with the drop and air assist bags, it actually does much better than stock).

I can say the load rating of 1400lbs is probably very doable in the wagon. Also, with all the weight that far back, I could not notice any 'droop' over the rear. It appeared to be basically at ride height.

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