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I just ran across the latest release today. Can anyone out there interpret anything that applies to the LX, what it addresses, what it means or if it's just diagnostic stuff for the operator of the StarSCAN tool?


StarSCAN® & StarMOBILE™ Latest News — 6.05
DaimlerChrysler Corporation
Dealer Technical Operations
CIMS 486-02-60
Global Service Diagnostics
800 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills MI 48326-2766
StarSCAN® Application Ver.: 6.05
StarSCAN® Operating System Version: 1.51
StarMOBILE™ Application Ver.: 6.05
StarMOBILE™ Operating System Ver.: 0.29.7
Release Date: 26th December, 2005
DaimlerChrysler Corporation© Page 1 of 4
This release of StarSCAN® & StarMOBILE™ software ships as a single CD ROM direct to the dealership. This release will NOT be available from DealerCONNECT.
Note: Update your diagnostic scan tools with Release 6.05 as soon as possible. Failure to update your scan tool(s) will jeopardize the ability to get future releases from the DealerCONNECT network.
StarSCAN® & StarMOBILE™ Release 6.05 Supported Vehicles:
• 2004 HB
2005 HB, LX, ND, WK, WH
2006 HB, LX, ND, WK, WH, XK, XH, DR, KJ, PT, LE, NM
2006 LX SRT-8, WK SRT-8, DR SRT-10, PT 1.6L
• 2007 PM
Detailed Vehicle Support Information:
• 2006 KJ EDC16C ECM - Module Initialization and Injector Classification. Do not use DRBIII for these functions
• 2006 DR Cummins CM849 ECM – Boost Pressure in Data Display changed to read in units of PSI instead of
inHg. Scaling issue fixed
• 2006 DR Cummins CM849 ECM – Fuel Pressure Sensor in Data Display changed to read in units of PSI instead of MPa. Scaling issue fixed
• 2006 DR Cummins CM849 ECM – Fuel Pressure Setpoint in Data Display changed to read in units of PSI instead of MPa. Scaling issue fixed
• 2006 DR Cummins CM849 ECM – Target Charging Voltage scaling issue fixed
• 2006 DR Cummins CM849 ECM – Fuel Level Percent scaling issue fixed
• 2004-2006 All NGC3 PCM – Fuel Rich/Fuel Lean Pre-Test UE 999 fixed when entering pre-test
• 2004-2006 All NGC3 PCM – EGR System Test variable selections 100-400 text added to display g/s units for clarification
• 2004-2006 All NGC3 PCM – A/C items not displaying will now display appropriately in Actuators, Data Display, & Freeze Frames
• 2004-2006 All NGC3 PCM – Actuators with a drop-down selection box displayed incorrect data now corrected
• 2004-2006 All NGC3 PCM – Freeze Frames 1-5 - corrected PCM Mileage since MIL On
• 2004-2006 All NGC3 PCM – Purge Vapors System Test user message added for possible DTCs being set at end of the system test
• 2005-2006 WK NGC3 3.7L – Historical Misfire OBDII Monitor corrected to display the correct number of cylinders
• 2006 KJ Bosch EDC16-C2 ECM – Cylinder Fuel Quantity Correction system test UE 703 corrected
• 2006 PT Bosch EDC16-C2 ECM – A/C Pressure Switch data added to Data Display screen for vehicles equipped
• 2005-2006 WH/LE EDC16-CP31 ECM – Exhaust Throttle Plate Adaptive Learn Position miscellaneous function operation corrected to write correct values
• 2005-2006 WH/LE EDC16-CP31 ECM – Data Display items with an mg/hub unit now display in mg/stroke
• 2005-2006 WH/LE EDC16-CP31 ECM - Inoperative “Back” buttons removed from routines in System Tests & Misc. Functions
• 2005-2006 WH/LE EDC16-CP31 ECM – Cylinder Fuel Quantity Correction Test changed to display fuel quantity corrections per cylinder in engine firing order
• All Vehicles - J1850 Supported ECUs – CAN applicable data fields removed from ECU Details view
• All Vehicles – Vehicle VIN corrected to display last two digits that were previously cut off
• 2004-2006 All Vehicles EATX TCM – Shift Lever Position Test user message added for possible DTCs being set at end of system test
• 2004-2006 All Vehicles EATX TCM – 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Gear Clutch Tests - user message added for negative response $22 – Conditions Not corrects to perform test
• 2004-2006 All Vehicles EATX TCM – Present Gear/Target Gear fixed to display Neutral while shift lever position is in Park/Neutral
• 2004-2006 All Vehicles EATX TCM – Conversion limits changed to 0 – 8000 RPM for Engine, Turbine, & Output Speeds for data graphing purposes
• 2007 PM Bosch EDC-16 U31 ECM – Module support Added.
• 2007 PM Bosch EDC16-U31 ECM - Variant Coding miscellaneous function support has not been added. This routine will be added in a future release.
• 2006 KJ Diesel EOM - Self Test removed from Diesel engine equipped vehicles
• 2006.5 WK/XK AHBM – Re-enabled self test
• 2004 - 2006 HB - HVAC Actuator DTC Detection removed
• 2006 DR & 2006 PT - Restore Vehicle Configuration PT and Restore Vehicle Configuration DR show up on both DRs and PTs. Please ensure to run the correct routine
2006 WK, XK and LX - The TIRM Module has been added to the network topologies
• 2006 WK and XK - The TM Module has been added to the network topologies
2006 LX - WCM - Update Pressure Thresholds - changed to allow user to select the appropriate tire pressure values
• 2006 All - WCM - WCM Replaced - changed to not allow the transfer of a default secret key from the PCM based on presence of P0603 DTC
• 2006 WK/XK - ABS - Initialize ECU - fixed initialization issue on 2wd ESP vehicles
2006 LX/LE - WCM - ELV Replaced - now functioning properly
• 2005 WK/WH - WCM - ELV Replaced - now functioning properly
• 2006 PT - TIPM - Program Tire Size - revised text through routine to reduce confusion on when to press "Next" vs "Cancel"
• 2007 PM - SAS - New module support completed
• 2006 KJ - WCM - WCM Replaced - routine updated to show the VIN that was programmed and then waits for user to select "Next" before transferring secret key
• 2006 All - FCM/TIPM - Illuminated Entry Time - changed to only allow the selection of 30, 60, or 90 seconds from a drop down menu
• 2006 PT/PM/DR - TIPM - Program Network Configuration - routine added to these vehicle lines to support Mopar after sales kits
• 2007 PM GPEC support - GPEC is a new PCM with all standard PCM support (Note: 6.05 will not have OBDII Monitors, this will be added in a later release.)
• 2007 PM CVT support - CVT is a new TCM with all standard support (Note: When the CVT ECU is replaced you must run the "CVT Initialization" Misc. Function.)
• 2006 PT SIM70 System Tests "Unexpected Exception" has been fixed
• 2006 PT 1.6L PCM - System Tests are now functional, including: Set RPM, ETC System Test, Purge Vapors and Generator Full Field
• 2006 PT27 PDM – Inoperative bussed inputs removed
• 2006 PT27 Door Nodes – Actuator names changed
• 2004 – 2006 AMP - Text error fixed in Output Test
• 2006 Sunroof – Environmental data is now available
• 2006 Sunroof – Inhibit Monitors removed (Not functioning)
• 2006 Sunroof – Clear Inhibit Monitors removed for all 2006 vehicles
Items Not Yet Supported:
• GPEC OBDII Monitors
• 2007 PM TIPM – Restore Vehicle Configuration Routine
• 2007 PM Bosch EDC16-U31 ECM - Variant Coding miscellaneous function support has not been added. This routine will be added in a future release
Core Software Information:
Note – This release does not contain a new release of the core software or operating system. The Features and Enhancements below are carried over from the last official release!
Features: (Released in 6.04)
• Support for managing flash files. This allows users of the StarMOBILE Desktop Client to download the latest flash file from the network and copy it to the StarSCAN using USB key.
• Added features that allow users to conveniently delete files from the StarSCAN/StarMOBILE file system once they are copied to a USB memory device.
• Added support in the application to delete all saved files, including flash files.
• Support CD was modified to allow users to delete files off of a full USB storage device prior to copying the application to the USB storage device.
• Added 125 KB CAN support in preparation for diagnostics on future vehicles.
• Enabled the “Backup Settings” feature on the StarMOBILE Configuration webpage. Backing up the StarMOBILE’s configuration data allows users to restore configurations if they are inadvertently changed or lost.
Enhancements: (Released in 6.04)
• Pressing and holding "+" or "-" button on the data recording template setup screen should make the number change continuously.
• The ECU View for the 06 KJ now displays "?" for the status of optional ECU's that are non-responsive. Diagnostic information containing the list of ECU's that are built on the connected vehicle is not available on the KJ. If a
particular ECU is non-responsive and is an optional ECU, the application has no way of determining whether the ECU is really non-responsive or is not physically built on the KJ. In an attempt to clarify this difference, instead of
a red “X” being displayed next to the optional ECU, a yellow “?” will be displayed.

StarMOBILE Specific Release Information:
• Please update your StarMOBILE™ Desktop Client Software to release 6.05. For detailed instructions on how to update your StarMOBILE™ Desktop Client Software review the ‘StarMOBILE Software Installation Guide’ located
on the DealerCONNECT website located at by navigating to:
DealerCONNECT > Service > Repair > StarSCAN and StarMOBILE Tools. This installation guide is also available in the Download Center section at
General Information & Tips:
• ALL - Clear All Stored DTCs - When the user selects the confirmation box to clear all stored DTCs, the text visible outside the dialog box remains on the screen until user exits the DTC menu and re-enters. The lingering text
gives the appearance that DTCs have not been cleared. This will be corrected in a future release.
• 2007 PM CCN Self Test - CCN does not support stopping of the Self Test. Do not attempt to stop the Self Test.
• 2007 PM CCN - Due to a CCN limitation the following Misc Functions (Unlock Driver Door on 1st Press, Language Preference, and Measurement Unit) may not update on the StarSCAN screen while running the routine even though the functionality has been updated.

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Thanks for the update. Certainly, someone will come along who can answer your question because it's all foreign to me. Hopefully, our dealerships will purchase the new version.


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These updates were released due the fact that some of them (Functions) were not availible on the previous updates. The updates might not apply to all vehicles at this time but if it were needed then the est time to reflash/ update any module would be around an hour. Also the updates that you cannot make heads or tails are updates to allow you to continue further/ newer updates.
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