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Starscan "Emission Rolls Test Mode" Checklist

(Adapted from MagnumFreak's dyno mode checklist, with thanks to Andrew for his stalwart leadership in exploring the secrets of the starscan unit).

From the main menu:

1. Select "ECU view"
2. Select "PCM..." (at or near top of page)
3. Select "Misc Functions"
4: Select "Emission Rolls Test Mode" (Next to last selection)

Closely follow instructions once you are there.

It will warn you to return to this selection and disable the Emission Rolls Test Mode.

Getting out of Emission Rolls Test Mode is more difficult than getting into it.

1. Clear all TDCs. I'd generated one about exceeding limits in first gear, and one stating something about Emission Rolls Test Mode.
2. Follow the 4 steps listed above, then choose to exit the Emission Rolls Test Mode.
3. With the starscan still attached to the diagnostic port, cycle the key to off, then on.
4. Follow any remaining instructions.
5. With starscan removed, start engine and verify Brake, ABS, ESP/BAS lights & skid icon are extinguished.

Essentially identical to pulling fuse 17 or using the GSM mod & ESP button, except that dyno, or emissions roll, mode apparently adds an input (lies) to the PCM to tell it the front wheels are also spinning.

This spoofing of the PCM is needed to attain & maintain a towering burnout each & every time. With the GSM mod & ESP button the computer occasionally intervened when the rear tires attained warp speed (somewhere well into third gear) with the front tires at zero ground speed. I'm certain that the same is true when pulling fuse 17 - absent from both is the false input to the PCM telling it to "chill, fronts & rears are co-speed".

Video up later.

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In Connecticut they just download data from the OBDII port. The idea is that if there aren't any codes (I don't know how many is allowable) they don't bother to test anything.

I don't know what they would do with a CANBUS, guess I'll find out in slightly less than two years. Do some states typically make you spin your wheels and hook up an exhaust sensor even with newer cars?

This thread looks like it should be a sticky.
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