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my car is still under full warranty until 12/5/19...earlier this week at about 28K miles I got a steady check engine light as pictured in attachment that is steady when I drive the car. noticed no difference in performance or idling. took it to my trusty chrysler mechanic and they hook it up and returned these codes: P0038, P0032, P0132, P0138, P0058 & P0158

seems like it has to do w/ O2 sensors running hot. they suggested I take to dealership for service since it is still under full warranty. just curious in anyones experience what has been their remedy to this situation and should it be completely covered under warranty at a Chrysler service dealer?

any remote chance it could be related to any recent radio freezing troubles I have experienced since running a pushed update to the radio? I detail that situation more in this thread:


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