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I have a major issue with my headlights. This car has been in an accident. The owner fixed and I bought it as a salvage title The passenger side headlight was leaking. I took it apart and resealed (PASSENGER). I found a broken screw that the step motor and the headlight housing are connected to. I reattached it with two-part epoxy. My question is how to rest these lights. here is a picture of where they are located. I have
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I have disconnected the battery. turned on-off the steering on U-Connect. If I need a scan tool does anyone know what KIND I will need to buy to fix myself? My scan tool does not give me any codes. 0 issues. I have tried to get close to my garage when dark and see if the steering option is working when turned on. Doesn't seem to be moving the headlight left or right. Real hard to drive at night. Great to see if deer is in the woods LOL. Any suggestion to DYI myself before I go to the dealer?
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