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stick on (charger) hood scoop?

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...found that on ebay. not a bad looking hood scoop, and since the guys over at RC have yet to make any developments with making a full hood with scoop <ahem> im wondering if this might be a decent $200 temporary 'fix'. it fits the charger, and the actual shape isnt that bad...i wonder if this would fit over the hoods on the 300s.....on second thought id imagine some sort of modification would be necessary to have it fit flush over that damn raised centerline of the hood. :eek:uch:
idk i want a hood scoop so bad, and im about to have a local custom shop do one (they did one on a magnum and i saw pics, looked like a clean OEM install), but dont know if its worth that much coin. they quoted me on $900 including repainting the hood, but im sure id be able to take them waaay down on that as it seemed a bit outrageous. what do you guys think?
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Do not like the ebay scoop - just not the right proportion.

$900 is not bad for a custom scoop AND a paint job. Any pics of the other one the shop did?
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