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stock exhaust big ole muffler

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So whats that big ole muffler where the H-PIPE should be? has anyone cut this out and just put pipe in its place? how does it sound like this? also how do the rear mufflers sound gone has anyone put flowmaster super 40s on or a comparable exhaust system? when you do the exhaust do you pull both the big muffler and the rear 2 or just the rears? all input is appreciated
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just did mine

HEMEEE said:
Here's a great link, but there is lots more to discover by typing 'resonators' 'mufflers' or 'exhaust' in the search engine on the Navigation bar above... enjoy.
I had my resonators deleted a couple of weeks ago, gives the car a very muscular sound when you fire it up, sounds real sweet, local muffler shop charged me a C note to cut the resonators off, splice in a short pipe and added 3 1/2 inch rolled tips. My bud removed the suit case muffler on his hemi/magnum r/t, i prefer the sound of my mod over his, he loves the way his sounds.
You have to be a bit careful, and remember this is considered a luxury hi-po car, and i wouldn't want it too loud. I had dynamax turbos on my Impala SS, it was much louder than the mod i had done on my 300C. It passes the wife test very well thank you. :) I believe i will leave the resonators off. If i get tired of the sound, i can revert back to stock for 50 bucks or so. Go for it!
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