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I Have a ? about subs and amps I want to get
120 oz. Double Stacked Strontium Magnets
Power Handling: 1000 watts R.M.S. 2000 watts Peak
Frequency Response: 18Hz 500Hz
Efficiency: 96.4dB
PHAT 1.75" EPDM Rubber Surround
Spun Aluminum Cone
3" 4-Layer ASV Voice Coil
Dual 6 Ohm
3 Ohm or 12 Ohm Operation
Mounting Dimensions: Depth; 5 5/8" Hole; 11 1/8" Diameter; 12 3/4"
Multi-connect Lug Lock Terminals

but I don't know how to pick the right amp I was thinkin about get a HIFONICS BX1800D 1800 WATT CLASS D MONO Amplifier

450 watts x 1 channel into 4 Ohms
900 watts x 1 channel into 2 Ohms
1800 watts x 1 channel into 1 Ohm
High End Performance Amplifier
PWM Power Supply
High Speed Bi-polar Outputs
Regulated Power Supply
Fully Adjustable Crossover Networks
Variable Bass Equalization
HP/LP/BP Switch
Subsonic Filter
Diagnostic LEDs
2 Gauge Power Connectors
D Class Digital
Gold Plated Inputs and Outputs
4/2/1 Ohm Stable
Bass Remote Control With Diagnostic LEDs Included
Dimension: 16.5" x 2.63" x 10.39

but I'm not a audio guy so I don't know if this amp will work with the 2 subs and I also would like to know what is the diference between a mono amp and a 2, 4 channel amp
thinks for your time.
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