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Subs in custom trunk enclosure

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Has anyone 'boxed off' the trunk for subs? I'm sure someone has, if so, can you post some pics? I am thinking of doing and would like to see someone else's work in a 300. I am not an audio expert like some people here, that is why I am looking for examples.

(This is a QUICK DRAFT of what i am thinking of doing)


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Be carefull with this... unless you have free air speakers it will sound like crap if you don't get the correct air space for the sub's. All depending on which subs you go with they will vary a bunch. Just make sure you are within' the specs for the sub you get, they are usually in the manual, if not you can find that info online. The more airspace, will result in lower bass, the less airspace will result in tighter hitting bass.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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