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Sounds crazy, but is there a park position for the sun roof, was ok up to a few months ago, and noticed one morning when we had ice on windscreens that I had as much ice on inside of sunroof as I did on windscreen.
Looking at how it was sitting, it was not flush, it was about 1/8th of an inch lower than roof level.
I can get round the problem by carefully pressing open /close button at exactly the right time as it lowers into position but thats a bit of a performance in summer when I have it open every day,no problem in winter if I get it seated proper and then leave it.

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Here's a re-calibration instruction posted 2years ago by 'devilmaycare':
Press the power sunroof switch (Open, Closed, and Vent). If no movement occurs when either the open switch or
closed switch is pressed, but the system does move when the vent button is pressed and held, the system is not
calibrated. Perform the following procedure to position calibrate the power sunroof system.
1. Turn the ignition to the RUN position.
2. Press the vent button on the power sunroof switch and hold until the sunroof glass panel has moved to the full
vent position and the motor movement has stopped for at least 1 second.
3. Press the close switch on the power sunroof switch and hold for a moment (at least 100ms) and release. The
sunroof glass panel should continue travel to the full close position. If the sunroof glass panel does not return to
the full close position, refer to the appropriate diagnostic information for full system diagnosis.
4. Verify proper system operation."

"If that doesn't work then you are in the realms of dealer scan-tool diagnosis. "
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