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First of all, thanks to all of you who replied to my last post with the info about ASC( American sunroof company ) which is now INALFA. This is the company that manufactures the model that comes stock on the SRT8. The dealership has confirmed this as well as the Brampton site. So I ask would you a) have the dealership handle the install or b) have Classic Soft Trim (largest aftermarket installer in the US- or so they claim) handle the install.

Exact same model number and basically the same price. Warranty is also the same in both cases 3/36. I'm kind of getting the feeling that dealling with the installer directly might be the better route, seeing as DC will probably have a third party company
do the install anyways. It just seems that DC would end up just being a middle man and since I've never owned a Chrysler or dealt with their service depts. before i really need to know how their service is ( or anyone who has dealt with Classic Soft Trim for that matter)

Any experiences- good or bad- with either of these companies would be helpful. Thanks!!!!!!!
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