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Supercharger photos

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I had the supercharger installed at GS Motorsports and wanted to show a few photos. My impressions so far: awesome..... I will tell you that my car is not quite yet complete the way it will be in a few weeks. I had to pick up my car and get it back to Arizona as it has to go into paint Monday. The original test mule Magnum was an early model. When some of the parts fabracated for that car were tried on mine they didn't fit. As the second car out of the shop those things happen. First rule with any major mod - it always takes longer than you think, and if you want instant gratification - don't be the first one. The car will be totally finished in a few weeks after paint, I'll drive it over to California and we will get it totally finished. First of all the thing is a rocket. This from a guy that campained a 69 Vette 427 on the strip for a number of years. I know fast. Complete dyno figures when I get back to CA. I drove it back from LA to Phoenix, 375 miles of 100+ degrees temp after I got to Palm Springs (varied from 106 - 100 the whole way.) With the A/C on full, never any trouble, never overheated, and averaged 21 MPG at 80-85 the whole way. Very seamless operation, not a lot of blower whine, perfect. All parts are very high quality and the guys at GS Motorsports are great.

The blue hose (ugly) and the aftercooler will be changed out next trip.

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JonW said:
Thanks for the pics! How's the reading from the butt dyno? Let us know how you do with any "kills" you happen to have. Please keep us posted on your impressions as you spend more time with it.

Thanks again - this looks sweet.:slomo: :firedevil :firedevil
I'm planning to do the same on my 300C, how much rwhp you think you'll be making? I'm leaning toward the SRT8 killer option as well but I'm a little worried about the tranny holding up. Did you get the 6psi or the 8 boost? Thanks for all info, I'll be hunting for the STi WRX chump down the street that thinks he's hot S**T :nutkick: :biggrin:
GSM said:
Hi Everyone,

We have been extremly busy finishing the "Shake Down" install's on 2 Magnums...(Thanks John & Keith) and the Final few production changes are finished.

We found that needed to increase the cfm on the intake side of our design, while the stock hemi's were ok...any addition like headers really required more cfm to feed the blower.

So 11th hour we redisgned the intake Plenum to incorporate a 3.5" inlet diameter high flow K&N a few minor tweaks and we are ready to start shipping this week and we will be finishing up the Charger and the SRT 8.! installs in our shop currently.

Hi Scott, Soooo... Does that means that if I get the SRT8 Killer option plus the S/C, they will have to do this as well?? Will this be included in the kit? Does the shop in Vancouver know about how to proceed with this matters if I take my ride there? Sorry for all the ??? but I just need to know before taking the plunge, I want it done right if you know what I mean :wink1:

Armadillo why are you painting your ride, looks fine to me :fing02:
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